Interview Tips and Techniques

Be punctual

Allow extra travel time to cater for delays. It’s better to arrive cool, calm and collected rather than puffed out and stressed.

Dress smart

The most feared words in business - Smart Casual.
Business dress is ever more relaxed but there is only one chance to make a first impression.

Always be polite

Mothers are always right – manners cost nothing.
It’s better to be pleasant than incandescent.

Know your CV

Interviewers will have your CV in front of them, you should two in case prompts are needed.

Make eye contact with your interviewer

This shows you are paying attention and will enable you to gauge body language.

Take time to consider your answers and make them concise

Aim to repost to questions for about 30 seconds at a time, avoid slang and colloquialisms and use affirmative body language.

Turn your mobile phone off

Turn off mobiles and keep them in your bag / pocket. A mobile device placed on a table or in view demonstrates that the person you are talking to doesn’t have your full attention.

Have positive body language
Be attentive

These two points are coupled together, have an open posture. Avoid crossed your arms and turning away from the interviewer directly.
Making eye contact, relaxed shoulders and an open posture will relax you and those around you.

Be memorable

Stand out from the crowd, interviewers usually remember the first and last Candidate. Make sure you are remembered by making sure your CV is easy on the eye and readable at a glance. Being well presented or having a well versed answer to tough interview questions such as “what are your weaknesses?” or “what would other say about your work?”.

Be yourself

An Interview is a two way street.
The client is interviewing you, but you are also interviewing the client. Ask yourself, is this an organisation I would like to work with? Do they share my values and ideas? Will I learn and develop under their tutorage?


Smiles are infectious, they release endorphins which reduce stress and have a positive effect on your attitude and mood.